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Friday, April 30, 2010


So obviously I am getting a lot of cleaning done.

But as I approach 12 weeks, I am getting more and more excited about "really" letting the cat out of the bag! It is T-minus-9 days until Mother's Day when we tell our parents, siblings, and Grandmas, and I am REALLY getting excited about it, and being able to talk about it to everyone. :-)

Since I last updated about telling Amy and breaking my telling ribbon, James has told Karl, and I told Clare. I would LIKE to tell Mariclare and Sky but my attempts to hang out with them continue to be foiled. Maybe on Wednesday I'll be able to hang out with them.

Anyway, I feel sort of bad about telling too many people before we tell our families, but I really wanted to tell the family in person, to fully enjoy all the excitement, and that means doing it on Mother's Day when we will see everyone in person. Plus, you have to admit, there is something precious about telling your Mom and Mother-in-Law that you will be giving them a Grandchild for Mother's Day.

So anyway, I think we are trying not to really tell too many people before we tell our families, which means that I guess it has worked out that I just plain haven't seen a lot of the people I had intended to tell.

But I don't think I wrote about my plan for telling them yet (did I? No). Well, I got "Grandma" cards for my Mom and Mother-in-Law, and "Great-Grandma" cards for my two Grandmas!! I am so excited. It will be my Mom's first Grandchild and the first Great-Grandchild for both my Grandmas (unless my cousin Emily is secretly also pregnant right now--ha, how fun would that be!?). I think everyone will be super super excited, and my sisters will be, too, especially my sister Marilyn since she lives in the same town as me, so she'll be able to visit the wee one to heart's content.

What I haven't quite decided yet, is if, after telling our families, I want "the world" to know--like, our entire extended family, which in my case, is quite extensive, and Facebook, and EVERYONE, or if I want to wait just a few more weeks until we make some kind of public announcement. Technically when we tell our families, I will be almost 13 weeks, which is the end of the first trimester, and really I'm already pretty far out of "fear of miscarriage" land. But I might want to wait just a couple more weeks--like maybe until 15 or 16 weeks until we really tell everyone in the world. I haven't decided. We'll see what James thinks. What would be really amazing is if I attempted to wait until 20 weeks, when we will find out the sex of the baby, to tell about the pregnancy. But honestly if I am waiting until 16 weeks it is only another month until 20 weeks . . . we'll have to see how it goes.

Part of why I like the idea of telling as late as possible is then it makes the pregnancy go faster for everyone--like before you know it the baby is here! And there isn't as much waiting. But honestly, people love pregnancy almost as much as babies, so maybe I am depriving them by not telling them sooner.

I guess I am just a little afraid that 13 weeks will roll around, we will make a grand announcement, and then I will have some tragic late-term miscarriage at 15 weeks or something. God that would be horrible. But it is SO unlikely, I'm just super paranoid.

Okay, enough of this rambling.

So what do you think, will I go clean my house now?


DNineMoons said...

I am enjoying you blog my biddy! I thought this entry was especially funny :)!

DNineMoons said...

your* ;)

justadrienne said...

Thanks Em!! I'm glad. :-)

Marilyn said...

yeah, dis one will be hanging out with the baby all the time! i cant wait! even though I am already realizing "hanging out with the baby" may be like helping you wash dirty diapers or something like that...its ok with dis one.

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