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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


That's what time I got up today. And sleeping in like that was just awesome. It's not like I normally have something I have to get up for--but usually I wake up at some point (like when James gets up at 7 or 8, or else around 9, MAYBE 10), and then I'm UP.

But not today. I've felt a bit sleep deprived for awhile (I fell asleep on the couch last night from 5-6), so it was nice to get a full 12 hours in. I feel AWESOME.


A said...

so. jealous.

kris said...

Oh, I remember pregnancy sleep! Those unbelievably deep restorative sleeps in which you get all rejuvenated and energized. Getting up at 12:30 is awesome! Take care of yourself, and go to sleep whenever you get the chance.

Because before you know it? Your sleep schedule will be in someone else's tiny little hands.

This is Kris at Pretty All True

Amy said...

Enjoy sleep while you can lol. Jensen is the exception that proves the rule, most babies don't sleep 9 hours a night when they are newborns.

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