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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So I'm home today after a VERY busy few days.

Sunday: James and I drove to the city for Laur's open studios--it was awesome! We met up with Gram and Gram, Mom and Dad, Laur and Kate, and Scott and Bonnie, and Tim. :-)

After the open studios, James, Laur, Kate, Tim and I went for an AWESOME dinner at the V-Spot. Then Tim and James drove back to CT and me and Kate went to help Laur move all of her paintings into my car. Then we would spend the night at Laur's house.

Monday: We woke up at 8am, got ready for Laur's graduation, took the Subway to Manhattan, saved seats for the rest of the family (Mom, Dad, Gram and Gram).

It was an awesome graduation (and when do you ever say that)? Stephen Soderbergh and Patti Smith (among other famous people) received honorary degrees and gave awesome speeches. Patti Smith even gave a mini-concert (2 songs).

After the graduation, we went out for another awesome lunch/dinner at Zen Palate. Finally, Laur and I broke off from the group, took the LONG subway back to Brooklyn, packed up the very ends of her stuff, and finally took off for my parents house in New Fairfield.

We got there, visited with the family a bit, and I passed out on the couch, only to awaken around 2 am and make myself a bed on the floor.

Tuesday: I woke up at my parents house, made oatmeal, hung out with my sister, and left at 12:30.

I got home and attempted to round up the cats for a vet appointment, but could only find two of the three. Went to the vet appointment and finally home again, where I sat on the couch in a stupor until James got home.

Wednesday (today): I continue to sit here in my stupor. In an hour or so, I will leave to volunteer at the coop for a couple hours. I know I should do laundry, load my dishwasher, etc, but after such a busy few days I am totally uninspired.


Jessica said...

I think you have a total right to sit on the couch...I wish I would have done that more early on...enjoy it :)

laurengould said...

thanks for all your help my biddy! i have also been in a stupor and i am not even preggers! lol

mpence said...

I can totally relate to your stupor! I have yet to do my morning chores (though I did instruct my children to do theirs...) I am still just reeling over the events of the last few days! Enjoy the ability to have the time to sit in your stupor...it gets harder after you have children, lol! Now - must - get - up - and - get - school - started - for - everyone...

kris said...

I am all tired just reading of your whirlwind life! You have been busy while I have been sitting here at the computer! Someone has to go and be all accomplished.

I am glad it can be you.


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