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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Nicknames

So, as anyone who is pregnant knows, people (including the pregnant one and her significant other) tend to start referring to your fetus as something before it is born, especially if you don't know what it is (yet) and/or haven't shared your name choices (yet).

My family, as it tends to do, has already come up with funny and irreverent nicknames for our baby. One is Gwyllym, because my sister Lauren had mentioned that this was her top fave for a boy name if she ever had a baby (it is a Welsh name and my Grandfather was from Wales).

I have three sisters and we have a long history of making up names and nicknames. The recent trend has been to call each other "bitch" (so bad, I know). Like, "Hey my bitch, what up?", or "You sexy bitch". My parents have even gotten in on it and me and my sisters have gotten many a raised eyebrow from hanging up a phone convo with my Mom by saying: "Okay, love you, bitch!"

So today I told my sister to come give me a hug but I was laying on the floor and she was like: "Stand up first I don't want to squeeze the Little Bitch." (Oh man). I have tried to encourage them to call it "Little Bit" instead but we'll see how that goes. We've already had a few conversations about how we need to stop calling each other bitches before the baby is born and that is it's first word. But habits are so hard to break!


mpence said...

That is pretty bad! (especially to someone whose children have never even heard language like that, lol!)

I like Little Bit though! (I might be biased though...my DD#3's name is Ashley Elizabeth. When she was born, my 3 1/2 year old twins couldn't say Elizabeth, so called her Elittlebif...which has morphed into her nick name being Little Bit.)

Liz said...

I think Little Bit is cute! Good luck getting Little Bitch not to stick, though. A fun nickname is hard to break!

justadrienne said...

Well, keep in mind that me and my sisters are all adults and have been for several years now. The bitch thing didn't start until we were all older. :-P

Jessica said...

I love the name little bit....I think that if you keep referring to the little one as Little Bit it will stick and the other one will go away :)

I have relatives that I barely see asking my mom how Peanut and I are doing because of my facebook posts ;) I am sure she is going to hate the fact when Peanut becomes her nickname after she is born.

Ashley said...

That is too funny! I am sure you get lots of looks when calling each other bitch :) I love the nickname Little Bit! I was positive when Logan was born everyone would call him TBone since that's all we referred to when he was a fetus and now we never call him that.

Ella said...

Ahahahaha, I think that is hilarious!! :)

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