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Monday, May 10, 2010

Who knew

It's going to take a few posts to unpack the wonderful/shellshocked event that was Mother's Day, but let me just talk about a few reactions:


On Saturday, we went to see James' sister in a Belly Dancing show in Hartford, which was really enjoyable--James' sister was amazing and beautiful. When we got there, we hugged her and wished her a Happy Mother's Day and she said: "Happy Mother's Day to YOU!", and I said, "Oh, uh, thanks!"

And the show went on, and it was amazing, and when it was over, we hoped to catch his sister alone (without his Mom there), and as we were getting in our car, ready to leave, we saw her getting in HER car, and I said: "Ooo, let's tell her!"
And so we ran over, and James said: "Guess what, Adrienne's pregnant!"
And his sister said: "I KNEW it!"
And I said: "What, how did you know?"
"I could just TELL. That's why I wished you a Happy Mother's Day!"
Hahaha, okay psychic Mother-of-five, I guess I'm just an open book.


Then the next day, we were eating lunch with my family (this is before we told them), and I was getting REALLY into eating. I was LOVING my sandwich (homemade dill hummus, avocado, spinach, tomato, onion--it was just damn good), and then I proceed to continue to eat avocado with dill hummus and potato chips for what I GUESS was an unreasonable amount of time, because somewhere in the middle there, my Aunt Lu was like: "Geez, what are you eating for two?"

(Sheepish/denying expression on my face but I couldn't look at her--but I didn't want her to spoil the surprise).


Next day, after we told James Mom, she said: "Well, I did wonder."
And I was like: "WHAT? Why?" Again, it was the eating.

Flashback to the day before, we had gone out to an early dinner with her, Natalya, Andrew, and some of Natalya's friends to celebrate her graduation (she got her PHD, SERIOUSLY), and James' Mom and I shared three dishes: Sesame Tofu, Mustard Greens with Soybeans, and Bok Choy with black Mushrooms. And it was REALLY good. Long after James and his Mom had stopped and slowed their eating, I plowed on to finish, not only all three dishes but all the rice too.

James' Mom said: "When you reached over James to have the rest of my rice, I wondered whether you might be pregnant. You were so furtive!"


Wow, I guess I am just too easy to figure out. Apparently I am enjoying food and eating more than I'd realized. I didn't really think I was eating that much more than usual but I guess I'm totally crazy.

Anyway, more about this very fun day later.


mpence said...

That is too funny that people were guessing based on your eating, lol! What a fun day though! Can't wait to read more about it!

Jessica said...

I have to laugh only because I am the same way about food. My friends new I was pregnant but I polished off a 10oz steak and potatoes in one sitting. I never do that.

Glad you got to tell people! It's fun isn't it. I Loved the blog post about telling your friends.

Liz said...

I'm jealous of your eating! I so miss food!

I can't wait to hear how telling your family went! I love all the excitement that's surrounding this baby already!! :)

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