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Friday, May 7, 2010

Really though, No one says it better than Mariclare

I received the following Email from Mariclare last night (a few days after our magical dinner):

"I just wanna say that I can't stop thinking of how happy I am for you. I know you've wanted this forever. I'm just so so happy for you. I really do kind of feel like this baby is a part of my family too. Like all of your friends are really just extended family to this baby. That's how I feel. Like I already care about him/her so much. I was shocked at first but now I'm just really happy for you. Just really happy. Like it's bringing all of our friends together too, into this big, tighter family community. LOL. Am I out of line? I mean I know the baby really is yours but idk. Do you know what I mean?"

Yeah Mariclare, you are out of line!! Stop loving my baby so much! Hehe, just kidding, love away dear friend.

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