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Friday, May 28, 2010

Maternity Clothes!

So I was visiting my sister and then parents over the last few days, and while I was staying with Lauren in the city, we walked to lunch somewhere and passed Motherhood Maternity, and I said:

"Ooo, wanna stop there on our way back?"

And she said:

"Oh yeah, my bitch! That would be so fun!!"

So we did. And I got a bunch of stuff. Maybe you are thinking it is too early for Maternity clothes, but I am 15 1/2 weeks. I was a size 6 before getting pregnant, and I have been wearing size 8's and 10's for weeks now, but partially unbuttoned and/or falling down and it has just been awkward.

Like the 8's or 10's would fit if I was standing up, but if I was sitting, I would have to unbutton them (and lately, unzip them). Picture me: Getting out of the car, getting up at the movies to go pee, getting up at a restaurant to go pee, etc, etc--each time trying to sneakily button and zip my pants--and you can see how awkward I have been for weeks now.

Furthermore, I already have an abnormally long waist, so it is hard for me to find shirts that are long enough. Add in some extra boob and belly, and my belly was showing in most shirts (and if you recall that my pants are totally awkward as well, picture how ridiculous I look.)

So we had fun at Motherhood Maternity, trying on stuff with the fake belly--Hahahahaha. But mostly I was like: Wow, a world has been opened to me.

I got two jean shorts, a pair of jean pants, a pair of yoga pants, two ribbed tanks, and two nicer shirts. Total cost: $200. Honestly, I think pretty much each item was priced as it would be in a non-maternity store of comparable quality, and I haven't bought myself new clothes in like a year, so I didn't give myself a hard time about it.

The verdict is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my maternity clothes. I haven't been more comfortable in jeans probably ever in my life. As someone that hates pants pressing into my belly in general, I feel as if I have discovered an amazing palace of comfortable clothes.

The shirts actually come down over my long waist and fit normally--the pants hug my thighs and butt but have plenty of room for the belly--with the pants and shorts especially I feel like I am wearing something that fits for the first time in at least a month and I am in HEAVEN!!!!

I am going to add pictures to this later. :-)


jrose35 said...

I love my maternity pants as well! They are so comfortable and I have a long torso so the maternity tops I have fit really nice over me. Yay for maternity clothes they are the best!

Alyssa said...

This makes me want to run out to a maternity store right now! I am still struggling with the falling down/unbutton/unzip methods, and it's annoying and uncomfortable.

A said...

ooh I am so excited to see your new clothes! funny story- ex bf brett bought 2 pairs of white maternity pants for himself because he thought they were so comfy too!!

justadrienne said...

A--LOL!!!! OMG!

Alyssa--I HIGHLY recommend it, I feel like I'm in heaven, LOL.

Marilyn said...

just remembered again when we were hanging out before i left (waxing session) you were unbuttoning your pants in the car and i was like jeez guess those are realy uncomfy pants and you were like "yeah..." LOL

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