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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Awesome First Appointment!

I love love love our midwife!

She came over today for our first appointment. As we usually are before people come over, James and I were frantically cleaning when the phone rang:

"Hi," she said, "it's me, I'm running about 15 mins late, I'm so sorry!"

"That's okay!" I answered jovially, "we are big fans of being late over here!" Which was NOT a lie--our house looked awesome when she arrived.

She asked us a TON of questions on our health, health history, and family health history. These questions were punctuated by shared stories of having ADD, forgetting things, James' childhood asthma, Roger's childhood asthma. She laughed and shook her head sympathetically in all the right places.

She gave us tons of good information about the rates of certain procedures and complications in home birth versus in hospital birth. Homebirth has less: Episotomies, tearing, labor inductions, medicated births, etc etc." She gave us homework to fill out questions about our expectations for labor and birth, and for me to write down my diet for three days.

Then I peed in a cup, and my pee told us that I was hungry. "Actually, now that you mention it, it HAS been awhile since breakfast!!"

Finally, and most excitingly, she felt my stomach and said my uterus was measuring right on--almost exactly 13 weeks, 2 days. And then we found the heartbeat with a doppler!! It was amazing!! I guess mostly the heartbeat we'd been hearing was mine, because the placenta has "my heartbeat", but it was AWESOME to hear that gallop of the baby's heartbeat!!

It all seems so much more real now--tomorrow is the second trimester, and we have one healthy baby in there. Yay for life!


kris said...

I am soo happy it went well. Your midwife sounds amazing. Here's to the beginning of a lovely new friendship!

And EAT when you are hungry!

Pretty All True

laurengould said...

Totes awes my biddy! I have been thinking I will visit you and clean your house as a pregnancy gift, lol. Especially when you are like 8 months and waddling around!!! LOL!

Alyssa said...

So glad you loved her! Yay for life indeed!! :D

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