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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

James and I went to Cape Cod this weekend--his Aunt has a house there and she also has a beach cottage that she rents out. But this week, James' cousin Kelley and her husband Jim had the house and a TON of their friends (many with kids) were there. James' other cousin Doug was also there with several of his friends and his girlfriend Lauren.

James' Mom was also there, but she was sleeping/staying in his Aunt's house (the cabin was jam-packed).

So we got there late Sat night, and set up a bed in the back of our car--I have a Volvo station wagon so we put the back down and set up a full bed back there--it was pretty fun to get looked in on by the morning walkers, hehehe.

Then we went to his Aunt's house for breakfast and to see the town parade--but it was boiling hot and as soon as possible we went back to the cabin and went swimming at the beach. Then we just hung out on the beach most of the day with everyone--tanning, swimming, drinking (for everyone except me, LOL), eating, etc. It was super fun. I even dug holes in the sand and laid on my stomach for the first time in forever. I fell asleep like that, hehe.

Right at sunset, people started setting off fireworks all up and down the entire cape, and we could see them ALL! The town beach was just a short way away from us, and they had a whole display, and then the people on the other side of us had a whole huge display as well. And we had a couple of our own, LOL. It was awesome, it was like two solid hours of fireworks as far as the eye can see.

Finally, me and James set up our tent on the beach, hung out with everyone for awhile longer, and finally crashed. The next morning (Monday) we basically got up and took off early, though we stopped at James' Dad's house to see him since we haven't seen him in like almost a year (yikes we suck).

And that was our weekend! Oh, but our car A/C broke on the way down there and the ride home was nearly unbearable. It helped that we stopped at James' Dad's house--he has A/C and we had some cool drinks and I put our metal water bottle in the freezer and then kept it on my wrists when we continued the drive to keep my body temp down.

We barely made it to Diana's pool before I would have seriously overheated. And then we took a dip there before driving the last 15 mins home. It was crazy. I am getting hot just talking about it. So that's it for now!!

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