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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Laundry

So a while back I bought a few baby clothes from Salvation Army (can't beat 99 cents apiece)! And so the things ended up in the laundry and got buried. I washed the load yesterday, hurriedly throwing things in the wash--and today I was folding.

I was standing there over my dryer, pulling out James' T-shirts and shorts, my tank tops, underwear, and suddenly, something so small--and I looked down to realize that it was one of the baby things I had bought a few weeks ago. The reality of the situation seemed to rush at me from all sides, as I stared at this tiny garment that will dress our child in just a few short months. "Wow--I thought, we're having a baby. His clothes are here, mixed in with ours." And . . . it just seemed so real, all of a sudden, as I rested the little onesie against my belly to fold it . . .

This little encounter motivated me to organize the rest of the clothes. Of course I had organized them once already, according to the size listed on the tag--but I had begun to look at these tags and then back at the clothes with much skepticism, as one brand seems to be quite different from another. I have heard too many stories of people pulling out their "3-6 month" clothes at 3 months only to find that half of the things are too small, and I didn't want to take any chances. Afterall, I think it is a necessity that I photograph James in every one of these little outfits during his first few months of life.

So today I got out the measuring tape and measured from neck to crotch, each of the little outfits and onesies, and I put them in piles according to how long they were, and then sealed each pile in a plastic zip bag. And now these clean and protected clothes sit in the drawer, just awaiting the birth of the wee one. I feel the same way!!

Only 3 weeks until the third trimester. :-)


Marilyn said...

awww dats so cute!!! I am not sure maybe it's a secret or something (Whatever, i suck at keeping secrets - SORRY GUYS), but kate, mom, laur and I bought some baby clothes from the thrift store here - 35 cents an outfit! AWES!

justadrienne said...

That is awes!

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