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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Viability Day!

Today is James' birthday--we actually just had a really nice dinner with Roger, Tim, and Karl to celebrate.

But it is also little James' official viability day--he is 24 weeks today, which means he has a better than 50% chance of survival outside the womb! For someone who has been pregnant as many times as me, this is an exciting landmark. I'm thinking/hoping he will stay put for quite a while longer still, though--he still needs to get quite a bit fatter before it is time to be born!

In order to celebrate his viability, I started him a facebook page today. :-) I know I am weird--but it is also for me. I see other people with kids, and the activities and pictures of their kids just take over their facebook page . . . and hey, I get it! That would happen with me, too! So instead, I gave him his own facebook page--so if I am writing about something he did, or posting pictures of him, I can do it on his own page instead of on mine. Just an attempt to maintain my identity a bit. And hey, now I can tag him in my belly! How fun is that?!

In other news, my uterus has been on a "growing wider" kick the last couple weeks. I'm thinking that is why it measured three weeks ahead at my last appointment. I wouldn't be surprised if, at my next appointment, it appears to have barely grown any taller, since it has gotten so much wider!! This growing wider has also succeeded in making my belly look super pregnant.

Only 16 weeks to go now! It is pretty crazy! I will be in the third trimester in just three weeks. :-)


Marilyn said...

cra-hazy!!!! I am excited to be back up at school so I can see you and james david a lot and you can bobble around in the swimming spot with me... Is it also weird that I am looking forward to the point when you become "uncomfortably pregnant" (like your stomach is so big it's not even real??!)

I am also really excited for ryan to see you and james david because he hasn't at all! last time he saw you, you did not look preg at all! and we didn't know you were preg!

Amy said...

Just beware about the whole FB thing. It is not safe at all, and I have a friend who was IT for it and there is no way to delete photos off it. Anything you upload is perma saved incase of accidental deletion so if anyone were to gain access to your account even deleted pictures and information won't be safe. I don't put pictures up of Jensen on my facebook anymore for that reason. Maybe once they fix the issues the whole thing has, but not until then.

justadrienne said...

Thanks Amy. I'm not really concerned about the "permanence" aspect--that's actually one thing I really like about FB--that even if there is some sort of disaster and I lose all my files, they will be there on FB.

But I try not to advertise when we'll be away from the house for a long time--I've heard of people being robbed from doing that. :-/

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