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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So my sister yelled at me for not updating my blog, so here we go.


A few days ago I was telling James how good I feel and that I think James has more room in there now, and he is comfy and I am comfy and we are all good together . . . sounds like a Beatle song.

So as recommended I've been sleeping on my side--one or the other. Typically in the middle of the night I will wake up and turn over, and it will always feel like a huge effort--that the baby has settled DEEP into the side of my uterus and I am flipping him over like a pancake off of a grill, LOL.

So the night before last I had this same feeling, and I got out of bed to go to the bathroom, and found that my side was pretty freaking painful. I "ouched" my way to the bathroom and back, and assumed when I woke up for my day all would be well.

Well, it hasn't been!! The pain continues!! All day yesterday, and today to a lesser extent, the only thing that is remotely comfortable is sitting up. If I am laying on either side, my muscle is pulling, and walking around hurts a ton. Additionally I just plain haven't felt good--overheated, low energy, etc--my house is once again in a shambles and I have no motivation to accomplish anything.

It is possible that this is round ligament pain, or alternatively, I might have actually pulled a muscle . . . either way, I am using this as an excuse to kick WAAAY back and watch a lot of Dexter.

I'm toying with the idea of calling my midwife, but I don't think she could do much either way It just hurts so much and for so long now, especially if the baby is in a moving and stretching mood. OWWWWWWW.

I have had pulling pains before but they've never lasted this long or been this bad. :-( So there's a nice fun "update" for you. LOL


Marilyn said...

oh no!!! YOU BITCH!!!! that is sooo stinky! maybe you pulled a muscle or something. I guess resting is really all you can do!

Kate said...

Dexterrr! <3

Liz said...

Be careful sitting; it can make you hurt in other places. Seriously though, I hope this gets better soon. The fact that it's easing up already is a good sign.

And I <3 Dexter. Until season 4 comes out on Netflix, I'm reading the books.

Jessica said...

Bummer! I hope you feel better soon...When you sleep try putting a pillow under your belly - you might have pulled something and this will help. I sleep with a body pillow under my back, one under my belly and one between my legs. It's really helped.

I hope it goes away soon.

Mud said...

Found your blog thru Clares. That ligiment is normally 2 inches or so, and streches to about 10 during pregnancy. Go ahead and call your midwife, she may have some tips, and thats what she is there for (plus this doesn't mean that you shouldn't still take it EASY!). BTW, congratulations!

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