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Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm not reading, but you should!!

I've been off the blogroll for awhile now. I have about 20 blogs that I supposedly follow but how closely I read is pretty dependent on how much time I have. Right now I'm addicted to Dexter, so I haven't been reading too much . . . but I still love you! And one day when I find myself eager to avoid housework, I will sit and catch up on all that I'm missing right now.

Since I'm not reading your blog, though, I'll give friends a chance to! I've been meaning for awhile to share some of my favorite blogs, so here they are:

Pretty All True -- Hilarious blog of mothering from an HONEST (and often downright (hilariously) INDECENT) perspective. ;-)

Whiteboard Unicorns -- Follow the antics of the unicorns in their whiteboard meadow. There's no more to it and there doesn't need to be.

Hyperbole and a Half -- Holy crap this blog is hilarious. Cartoons accompany and magnify hilarity to the n'th degree. Check out the "Best of" along the right side first, and you won't be disappointed.

And last but not least . . .

Enjoying the Small Things -- (On a more serious note) This beautiful mothering blog uses stunning photography to document the lives of the beautiful Hampton Family. First read the birth story of Nella as a background . . .

So, these are probably my four favorite blogs, and all for very different reasons! Check them out and laugh and cry and follow. ;-)

P.S. Okay okay, I used the word hilarious like six times in this post. But it's pretty all true ;-) so deal with it!!

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A said...

Love Hyperbole and a Half and Enjoying the Small Things- I haven't read the others. I shared Enjoying the Small Things with my class this summer because Nella's birth story is sooooo beautiful and touching, the whole blog is amazing too :) And yeah, I'm waaaay over due for an update myself!

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