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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week at Whitney's

So I had a really great time at Whitney's house with the kids. I was nervous before I went, and wondered how it would be taking care of five kids. But it was . . . not really easy--I mean, it was a lot of work--but besides how much work it was, it was sort of easy! I felt like it was challenging to keep up with making meals, cleaning up after them, keeping them busy and entertained--but challenging in the kind of way where you feel good because you are working hard and succeeding . . . and in a funny way, it made me a lot more confident in being a mother to Little James (and his future siblings). I have no doubts now that I want to have a big family of my own--maybe even more than five!

Anyway, we are going camping this weekend, so I have a ton to get ready before then--including starting to clean up for when my sisters come to visit me (a couple days after we get back from camping). SO I MIGHT NOT UPDATE MUCH, MARE. But hopefully I will pop in, soon. ;-)


Marilyn said...

lolz well if you are getting ready for us to visit, then its fine if you don't update because when i went to water the cats I noticed a complete lack of bed-age for these bitches! oop gotta poop bye

justadrienne said...

Haha, don't worry, there will be places. We have a bed in the attic we are going to bring down. I let Karl have that futon because SOMEONE was complaining that it wasn't very comfy.

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