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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tomato Basil Tofu

Okay, time for another recipe post.

The rain caused a bunch of our tomatoes to burst into ripeness, so since we are going to our friend Erik's 30th Birthday today I was inspired to use them in a recipe. But what recipe? I decided I didn't want to cook them since they are so fresh and so clean clean . . . I thought of making salsa--but I think it's too blasé for my fresh tomatoes. Then I thought of bruschetta--but people (like me) like to eat that with bread and since I'm mostly a bread-free gal nowadays I wanted to come up with something else.

So I decided to make tomato basil tofu! The vegan version of tomato basil mozzeralla, where these three ingredients are stacked together for a simple and fabulous taste-sation.

Anyway, right now I am marinating the tofu.

Marinade ingredients:
a few tablespoons of soy sauce (wheat free)
splash of apple cider vinegar
nice squirt of raw agave nectar
two shakes of Texas Pete hot sauce
a tablespoon or so of nutritional yeast
and last but most importantly: a liberal amount (several tablespoons) of olive oil

We still have to shop for the basil--mine is rather water deprived at the moment (whoops), but then I will put a slice of just-picked-off-of-the-vine tomato, then on top of that, a fresh basil leaf, and finally a thin slice of marinated tofu.

And I'm pretty sure it will be amazingly delicious and so perfect for a hot summer day like today. Whooop.

P.S. It was BANGING!! Here's a pic.

1 comment:

Nathan Kessel said...

looks yummy!
I wish you would post the recipe for that incredible breaded tofu you made :P

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