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Friday, July 2, 2010

I think I have a huge baby. Or something.

So, when I read about other's pregnancy experiences, I'm starting to think that I am pregnant with some enormous crazy baby. My friend who is a week behind me said that she JUST started to feel the baby move from the outside . . . I guess it did happen really quickly that I started to feel the baby move, and then James started to feel the baby move, and then you could actually SEE the baby move from the outside. Like, I started to feel it at 17 weeks, James started to feel it at 18 weeks, and by 20 weeks you could see it from the outside. So I guess I'm not THAT different from my friend.

But it's more than that--sometimes when I move a certain way (like especially turning over for the first time when I wake up in the morning), I wonder how the HELL this baby is going to fit inside me for 4 more months. Maybe even 4 1/2 more months (hell, maybe even 5 more months). He seems really huge and already kicking me pretty hard throughout the whole entire day.

I was sharing these sentiments with Amy yesterday and she reminded me that my belly will get bigger, so he will have more room, but it is all still happening INSIDE MY BODY. I can't believe I am feeling/thinking this way already at only 20 weeks. I thought I would be at least 30 weeks before I started feeling uncomfortable with the amount of "baby" I was carrying around--and really, most of the hours of every day I feel totally and completely fine, but I am DEFINITELY aware that there is this whole other person here with me. He is moving and shaking ALL the time.

Maybe this was kind of a random rant about nothing . . . I am just surprised how fast everything is happening, and I hope the baby doesn't end up being like 12 pounds. :-/


A said...

Don't worry! You baby will be just fine. He's just very mature for his age :)

Alyssa said...

I bet you're feeling/seeing more because of your frame/build. You're much thinner than me, for example! I definitely started to feel Baby G move from the inside at about 17 weeks, but I've still only felt them a couple times from the outside.

Or maybe you're creating a huge baby! LOL! Hopefully the uncomfortable-ness levels off for you.

Marilyn said...

yeah maybe he will just be a hugo baby...or maybe he's half-vampire. either/or. as long as he's not a taterface

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