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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Off to Whitney's!

Me and James are spending the week at his sister Whitney's house, watching her five kids while she is off on a vaca to Alaska. I'm excited but of course it is quarter to five, I should have GOTTEN there 2 hours ago (it is a 2 hour drive), and I still have to pack clothes for me and James and go food shopping.

I blame it all on Dexter.

But my kitchen is clean, the food we are taking with us is packed, my fridge is completely cleaned out, the cats are all set for the week, and the plants are watered, so I'm not a TOTAL loser. Well, I still sort of am.

Okay Adrienne. Go pack and then leave. STOP ACTING LIKE A FREAKING PSYCHO.


Marilyn said...

oh jeez not the fricken psycho....

I will give the cats fresh water tomorrow but make sure I can get in! Or I will leave some outside somehow

mpence said...

Have a great week!

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