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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bedsharing Night Two (and 3-7)

So after james' six month appointment and the commencement of PFB (Project Fat Baby), we decided to give bed-sharing another go.

As you might recall, we tried bed-sharing with the unswaddled baby a few weeks ago with disastrous consequences, after which we decided that he still needed to be swaddled.

So, we tried again a week or so ago, and it went very well! One thing we did was we DID swaddle him to fall asleep, but then we unswaddled him when we joined him in the bed. So he didn't wake up in the evening this way.

It is really nice to get to snuggle up with him at night. AND it definitely benefits PFB, because he is nursing more throughout the night and morning, apparently without me even knowing it.

It is really adorable now to find books and baby toys in our bed, or to wake up to see james playing with one, or touching his Dad's arm, or snuggling up to me and breastfeeding (apparently almost unconsciously on my part).

All the fears I had about rolling on him or him suffocating have basically disappeared "overnight", as I saw within one or two days how absolutely aware of him James and I are, it's really crazy actually. And now he's really old enough (rolling both ways just today!), and strong enough that I know he could flip himself over, turn his head if he needed to, clear away a blanket or something if it got near his face--I'm just a lot more confident in him. I can't believe he's over six months old now . . .

And this weekend we committed, haha, and bought a toddler rail for my side so he can spend the majority of the night between me and the rail and won't be able to fall out of the bed. We'll see what we end up doing when he starts really crawling, though, we might need to put our mattress on the ground of something. Good thing summer is coming!

Anyway, I think we ((HEART)) bedsharing and probably won't use that co-sleeping thing again until we have another one, haha.


Amy said...

Glad it's going so well!! I seriously miss sharing a bed with Jensen. He's just at the age where he won't actually sleep, he just wants to play lol!

Marilyn said...

awes! PS - love your new family pic - compliments of dis one hehe

A said...

awww, that's so great Adrienne. I bet it must be the sweetest thing in the world to wake up to a cute little baby!

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