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Saturday, May 7, 2011

What Does it Mean to be a Mother?

James has been "on the outside" now for 5 1/2 months, and I'm still not sure what it means that I am his mother.

I'm really not around a lot of other mothers and young kids, maybe that's part of it. It's hard to examine my relationship with him objectively since I'm inside it. It's hard to see what it will mean, what it will be like, on the long term . . .

For now I guess it means that he can count on me. I take care of him. I enjoy his company, I play with him, change him, feed him, love him, snuggle him, bathe him, give him toys and things he wants--I sing to him, toss him in the air, help him sit or stand, help him go to sleep, read him books--we are buddies.

What it means to be a Mother to a baby (to me) is to love him and meet his needs--and in return I get him--his attachment to me, his love for me, his dependence on me, his affection for me . . . I get to raise this little person and get to love him and get his love back. It's like having the best kind of friend where you know that both people are equally "into" the other. Him and I, we are into each other! We love to hang out! We have a similar sense of humor! Haha

I think I'm going to continue to discover what it means to be a mother . . . but I've definitely already learned a lot and found that many things were unexpected!

If you are a mother or mother-to-be (or even if you have a mother, haha), what does it mean to you to be a mother?


Amanda said...

To me being a mother is unconditional love and support. It's consistency and reliability. It's knowing what's best for your children, even if everyone else thinks otherwise.

When I first became a mother I didn't know how important all the little things I did would be. There's still a lot of time left to see more.In this short time I have seen all the little things add up, and my kids are happy and loving.

My daughter came to me last month and told me I was her best friend, she's 3. It was such a sweet moment, and I told her she was my best friend too.

mpence said...

To me, being a mother is an awesome responsibility. It means I am responsible for another life, an eternal being. I am entrusted by Almighty God to bring this child up in the way that they should go.

I am the first example of Christ to my children, and therefore it is my responsibility to teach them what it means to be a servant leader!

I am expected to train them up in accordance to God's law, teach them to fear God, to love others as themselves and be responsibly members of society.

It means teaching another person how to love. By the love that I show to my children, I teach them what it means to love. By the love that my husband and I show to eachother, we show them how husbands and wives are to act towards one another. By the love we show to others, outside our family, we are showing them how to treat others.

Being a mother means being a teacher. For me, that means teaching everything from those first milestones of smiling, sitting, rolling, walking, etc, to potty training, colors, letter and number recognition, and reading, writing, math, what nutrition is, hygene, language, how to ride a bike, how to care for animals, how to learn, and most importantly about God.

Being a mother means being a nurse, cook, maid, butler, vanpool, piano tutor, physical therapist, resident expert on how to look things up, field trip director and organizer, teacher, lesson planner, scientist, fashion police, wet nurse, and so much more!

Being a mother means I have the privilige of holding my children's hearts in my hand. Guiding and directing them as they grow. I get to dry their tears, celebrate each accmplishment, witness each milestone (miracles in the making!), hear what is on their hearts and minds, and learn along side them each day! I get to see their excitement for life! I get to take part in their hopes and dreams!

Being a mother means I am the one they go to when they need to talk, snuggle, cuddle, or just get a hug. I am the one they go to when they want to celebrate an accomplishment, met a goal they had made, or found something exciting they want to share . I am the one they go to when they have a question and need help to find the answer or are interested in learning more about something..

It is a mission that I can not fail (by the grace of God I hope not at least!) at because the life of someone else is at stake! It is the most important thing I will ever do in my life!

It is the best thing I have ever done, and I wouldn't want to miss a moment of it for anything!

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