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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Old and New Stuff

James is a big boy all of a sudden!

This weekend we transferred him into his "big boy" car seat. He still fits in the old one but in some diapers he is within an inch of the seat back, so it was time for an upgrade. That means his snap-and-go stroller is also null and void! I can't believe it's time to store that stuff for the long term!

We registered for the Phil and Ted Classic Stroller but didn't get it--it was the one name-brand expensive thing I really wanted (besides the car seats but that's a safety issue). Anyway, my Mother-in-law said she would get it for us now which is super nice. Also, she gave us this old stroller of my sister-in-law to use in the meantime.

I picked the Phil and Ted's because I had heard great things about it--it was light-weight, easily maneuverable on many terrains, could hold a newborn car-seat, and was easily convertible to a double stroller. Most importantly, it has a high satisfaction rating among owners! So hopefully it's the only one we'll ever need!

Anyway, getting back to James and the fact that he is big? I also went through and put away his last few 0-3 month things. Clothing with him is a funny thing, for instance:

-Right now he is in 9-month sleepers and rompers (one-piece outfits). He is generally at least one size ahead in anything one-size because his legs and body are so long.
-He is in 9 month Carters Onesies WITHOUT a crotch extender (though def has some extra room around the middle, haha), BUT
he could still nearly fit in Carter's 3 month onesies WITH a crotch extender (he just barely outgrew for them good).
-He is STILL VERY COMFORTABLY in Carter's 3-month side-snap T's. His body is such a little thing that in T-shirts with short sleeves he can still fit fine in 3 month (however, with sleeves he needs 6 month for length).
-He is totally in 6 (or 9) month pants now--between the cloth diaper and long legs he needs it.
-He's at least in "12 month" for any hats, hahahah. Any outfit that comes with a hat you have to figure it will be too small when the outfit fits . . .

In lots of things, they are so wide and short on him that his shoulders pop out the top! We have lots of things that he just plain will never be able to wear because they are shaped like squares and he is shaped like a line, hahahah. He will have outgrown a lot of stuff lengthwise (even with a crotch extender) BEFORE he can EVEN FIT IN THEM width-wise without looking ridiculous.

Anyway, due to this funny shaped baby, the range of sizes he wears is extremely large, ;-). Sooo, I mostly put stuff away AS I notice him outgrowing them, but recently I took the plunge and put the last of the 3 months and 0-3 month stuff away (and almost all of the last of the 3-6 month stuff too). It's so strange that he is growing up so quickly.

We got a TON of clothes from my shower and now he's getting almost out of all of it! Crazy.

In terms of diapers, he's now in the largest size (setting) of the Bumgenius one-size diapers (which supposedly can be used to thirty pounds or something?). He's still in medium Happy Heinys and standard pre-folds, but the pre-folds are getting tight. I'm hoping that the way his body is growing will change so that we are able to stay in these same diapers for a while more. I REALLY don't want to invest in a whole new set of expensive diapers. I might just order bigger pre-folds though, I'm sure we will end up using them . . .

So that's where we are in gear, clothes and diapers at 5 1/2 weeks (man, time flies)!


Iris Savea said...

Eirik went into the largest snap setting on the BG one size early too... i want to say 4 months... but now at 13 month there is still PLENTY of room. In fact for a while I probably could have snapped backwards! Like you I started to freak out wondering how these diapers were going to last, but since their body shape will change once they become mobile last they will! =-) We also went through lots of clothing sizes at first but he's slowed down a LOT... still fits weird in different brands though!

Liz said...

Peter and james could totally share clothes right now (except hats)! We're just on the medium snaps on BG right now, though. He has his mama's short torso. ;)

And WTH is up with boxy clothes? What babies fit into those?

By: Kate Nadeau said...

FYI - if your MIL wants to save some money and it's OK w/ you there are a number of Phil and Ted's for sale on CL in NoHo and Amherst.

justadrienne said...

Kate thanks for the info, I will totally look it up!

Iris--I hope James takes after Eirik!

Alyssa said...

Evan has the same body type: long and lean. Those boxy type clothes do NOT fit him. I have to get 12 month stuff for him if I buy him those brands. I find Carters fits him nicely because they are much longer (and thinner) than others, AND they don't seem to shrink as much!

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