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Monday, May 23, 2011

Movie Monday: My First Vlog (Baby Led Weaning)

I guess these two videos would consist of my first ever vlog! (If anyone knows of a free/cheap/easy/common program I could use to do basic video editing, please leave a suggestion in the comments).

Anyway, here we get to see james eating oatmeal, practicing his food skillz, and me heralding baby led weaning once again, haha.

With this said, too, purees are totally fine/great, too--james LOVES when we give him "pureed" food (like hummus and dahl, he's had now) because it's so easy for him to eat! But I totally think the straight to table food method is the way to go for the majority of foods (for the majority of kids).

And here's why . . . (in two parts)

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Erin said...

It's INSANE how close to the front of the mouth the gag trigger is in babies! Avery's gagged with her mouth open and I could see where the food is on her tongue--doesn't take much to trigger the gag! I've noticed too that it's MUCH less sensitive than it was even a month ago. Ah, solids. It's a learning experience for everyone!

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