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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Old School Sunday: What I said to Greg

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I was a month into my first summer break from college. . . missing my college friends like Greg B...

15th June 2002
Current Mood: contemplative

I might be wrong.

I think that the difference between sane people and SOME insane people, you included, is that insane people are more easily able to forget hypocrisy, injustice, madness, sadness, and sorrows. Insane people like you are the ones who recognize the world for what it is, and cannot seem to reconcile the positivity of existence in such a barren and unhappy place.

Luckily, I am one of those who easily forgets, but not everyone is this lucky. I suppose I just think that even though the world is horrible in many ways, it isn't natural that this is true. I think nature gave us this perfect, beautiful, amazing place, and it is only some of the things that we do with it that makes the world horrible. And I can't help thinking that someday things will be different. That someday, there will be an equality between the beauty of nature and the goodness of people.

And I suppose that the meaning of MY life, not to speak for anyone else, is trying my hardest at all times to help the balance be achieved. There's not really anything else I could do.

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