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Friday, May 27, 2011

Six Month Goals Update and Setting Nine Month Goals

So I had some goals by the time james was six months old, let's see how we're doing . . .

1. Lose (most of) my pregnancy weight.


2. Get james down to three one-hour naps per day at specific times.

Ummmm. Well he definitely naps now around 10, 1, 4 for an hour each. But then he also sometimes takes mininaps in the evening or morning, but I guess now that I think about it, we are pretty close to this goal!

3. Clean out the room across from ours so we can paint and make a room for james.

Definitely not achieved, however, we've put some work in, probably cleared out at least half of the stuff and organized another quarter or so to be ready for a tag sale. So I think with another good weekend of work we could be ready to paint. So that's still on the to-do list!

Now to set some goals for the next three months!

1. Finish cleaning out the room, plan the mural and paint it. Get furniture put together and moved in and everything ready in there, basically (though we'll probably keep james' bed in our room for 3 more months to let the paint outgas before he starts sleeping in there).

2. Clean out the garage and arrange a section to stage our tag sale from.

3. Get everything set for our tag sale, have it at the end of the summer.

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