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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grammar Tips

Okay fellow bloggers, friends, family, and Facebook Fans alike . . . let's get real. I see people repeat some things over and over--mostly issues of usage . . . soooo, as a former English teacher, I'M JUST SAYIN . . .


Some days past. (Means: Some days ago.)
Some days passed. (Means: Some days went by.)

I drove past. (NOT I drove passed.)
I passed a bus. (NOT I past a bus.)

I suppose in the both examples above, passed is used as a VERB. Past is a time/space marker and functions as an OBJECT in the above sentences

(maybe? and here is when we learn that I actually don't know Grammar rules, I just know what's right and wrong. So if my explanations don't cut it for you, look it up. I can guarantee you that I'm right but my explanations for WHY might be wrong or lacking.)


Aww=That is cute
Awe=A state of complete shock and admiration!

Aww=a noise, like grr.
Awe=a WORD, the root word of awesome and awful.

Comment on a cute pic: "Aww!" (NOT awe!)
Seeing Justin Bieber in person for the first time: "I am in awe." (NOT aww!)


Balled=Past tense, To make into a ball
Bawled=Past tense, To cry hard

"That movie made me bawl!" (NOT That movie made me ball)
"I balled up a piece of paper." (Let's be honest, no one uses bawl when they should use ball, but they use ball when they should use ball ALL THE TIME.)


It's=It is
its=possessive, belongs to it.

It's scary!
Its home.

It's special!
Its toy.

It's happy! It likes its ear scratched.


Baby's=belong to the baby
Babies=multiple babies


I guess that's good for today! I might have to make this a recurring theme though. ;-)


mpence said...

As a homeschool mom, I have learned a great deal of grammar; a whole lot more than wen I was in school!.
I find that the texting/social networking 'language' drive me crazy! Not so much the abrieviations, but the shortened words...b4, evr, plz, etc.
This was entertaining! We are working on homophones right now, lol!

justadrienne said...

Haha that's funny Michelle!

Grace said...

Love this post!

Emmy said...

The misuse of I and me drives me crazy.

Also the there/they're/their and your/you're are towards the top of the drive me nuts list.

My SIL is the worst. She puts an apostrophe whenever she adds an 's' to a word. I can't stand to read her emails! "The boy's are going to play game's" Ahhh!!

justadrienne said...

Haha right there with you guy's! (heheh)

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