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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Old School Sunday: One Entry by Norm and One About Him

If you haven't heard about my new blog series "Old School Sunday", read the back story!

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The middle of the spring semester of my sophomore year--we were on the cusp of invading Iraq, the harsh winter was finally ending, and I was dating Norm at the time. Here's a poem by him and a post by me about him (hehe).

10th February 2003
9:42am: Norm's Poem


The birds
The birds
we've seen them flying
we know they fly south
we wish we could be like them
too cold
go south
that easy
we've seen them flying
in a V
in a W
mostly in V's
for N V
N V how they just fly south
to interject
these birds
who's northern home
Mirror Lake
most people find disgusting bla bla bla bla bla
these birds
these birds will not fly south
it's been too cold to bear
too cold to speak
too cold to breathe
for months now
these birds
will not fly south
Months ago I remember screaming at them
people stared at me as though I was the fool
I was simply afraid
I have always been told
I have always seen
I have always known
That when it gets cold
The Birds
fly south
these birds
will not
fly south
some days ago
a friend of mine expressed the same concerns
won't the birds fly south?
don't they get cold?
there's hardly any non-frozen lake left bla bla bla bla bla
and then
just days ago
I was told of the one
the one
and today
in passing
I saw the one
feet planted straight
back fully bent back fully bent back fully bent back fully bent back
only feet away from the small pool
where the birds
who still do not fly south
and chant
head and wings on the cold surface
it died
in glory
and the name of order
and madness
and the hammer that smashes them both
like cracking ice

Current Mood: dichotomous

I don't even know what I want to say.

Complacency causes laziness <--- in Psych, we call this a directional theory. As in, you have to prove not only that complacency and laziness are related, but that one CAUSES the other. With that said. Complacency is what I think of as the Lack of a "fear factor". A fear factor, in my mind, is the fear that the person that you love will fall out of love with you. The fear factor causes people to get up in the morning to brush their teeth, so when their lover kisses them in the morning, they get a fresh clean mouth. The fear factor causes people to watch their weight, to shave, to shower, to dress nicely, to speak nicely, to do favors, to be attentive, etc etc etc. Complacency is the comfortableness of the lack of a fear factor. Complacency is knowing that your lover will not leave you--they love you too much. Complacency in itself is not bad. But what is bad is that without the FEAR FACTOR, people get lazy. I'm not saying I am not guilty of this. I am. But with all that said: SHAVE NORM YOU MOTHERFUCKER


mariclare said...

hahaha!!! this is hilarious!

justadrienne said...

You probably can appreciate it more than most, Mariclare, haha.

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