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Friday, April 22, 2011

James' Nicknames

Okay this is sort of a blog-businessy post. Skip to the bold text for the important blog related message!!

I will start by saying that in our house both the husband and baby are called James. There are rare and typically humorous incidents where the referent wasn't obvious based on the context of the dialog. Normally it is not an issue.

Sometimes in conversation with others and in my blog, in order to distinguish between, we might say: Little James/Big James, Baby James/hubby James, James David/James Beaumont, etc. But honestly none of these are really that pleasing to me (though more so than Jim or Jimmy)--I do sort of like LJ, which he occasionally gets called (just like the sound of it)--and Jamsey, I think is cute--(big) James' good friend Michelle used to call him that so it's a fond nickname to us already.

But I recently came across a nickname/pen name that I really like. j. Like, little J. I don't know I just think it's cute (more a cute idea, we aren't calling him "Jay" or anything).

But, in order to make things more clear AND in order to reflect the actual words in my thought process, from now on I will refer to my husband, James Beaumont, as James. And I will refer to my son, James David, as james.

A subtle but effective delineation if I don't say so myself.


mpence said...

I like J as a nickname...that is what I call my son, Justice!

We talked about our first son being a Jr., but decided against it because of the confusion factor! I think you have come up with a great solution, both in real life and in the blogging world!

justadrienne said...

Thanks Michelle! I like J, too, hopefully he'll grow into it. ;-)

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