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Friday, April 22, 2011

Our 6 am

Alright I fully intend to get back on here for a Photo Friday post later . . .

However, our morning was so . . . interesting? . . . that I wanted to tell you all about it.

You might want to read my previous blog-business/nicknames post first!

So our friends Amy and Karl were over last night--it was really nice to see them because they've both been very busy over the last six months with school and work, but this week was April break and since they are both educators they had some time to visit us this week.

So it was really fun seeing them but we definitely stayed up late. I mean, the night before last I went to sleep at 7--I fell asleep nursing james to sleep and was unwilling to move until morning. But that was definitely an early night for me. But I would definitely say we go to bed by 10 most nights now, and some nights I fall asleep on the couch watching TV and then James rouses me and moves me upstairs.

Anyway, last night I took adderall pretty late (maybe 4ish?), and Amy and James made cupcakes after we had dinner and even though I'd been tired before, once I got a few cupcakes into my system, I started getting a second wind!

Then Amy and Karl left (around 11:30 or 12) but I needed some down time before going to bed. James, meanwhile, fell asleep immediately on the couch. So I watched TV, surfed the net, hung out, and at nearly 2 am I realized how late it was when james started fussing for his middle-of-the-night feeding. I was in the middle of this Cosby episode where Denise gives birth so I brought james downstairs to nurse him while I finished watching the episode. Eventually I ended up holding his little, sleeping, swaddled, glow-worm self in my arms while I watched the show. And then my arms got tired so I laid down on the couch with him on the outside edge (I would be worried about him suffocating along the cushion side), with my hand on him to finish watching the show. Annnnnd, that was all she wrote.

I awoke this morning to James yelling: "OH MY GOD, WHERE'S JAMES?" He had awoken in the morning, thought it was so weird that we'd slept all night downstairs without james waking us, went to check on him, couldn't find him upstairs (in swing, cradle, or bed), and freaked out.

When he started yelling like that I totally freaked out/woke up, since that's my worst nightmare, waking up to find something has happened with james . . . and when I sat up, his little swaddled self slid feet first to the rug and then he flopped forward on his face. It all happened so fast it was like slow motion--sitting up in a panic only to watch james fall to the floor, and wanting to intervene but being too slow. :-/

Of course he started crying, but I honestly think it was mostly because of the rude awakening. He's flopped harder than that onto beds and couches and laughed--he really wasn't hurt at all--being swaddled like that and just the way he slid and then tipped over--it was really fine.

But of course then James comes rushing downstairs in a panic (almost as it's happening) being like: "Oh my God, what happened? Oh God I didn't know where he was!"

We all were just sitting there in a half-awake panic on the couch in a weird state of "everything was/is actually totally fine but we completely freaked ourselves out." James especially was totally freaked. I can only imagine going up there and not being able to find the baby--I would have freaked too.

We sat there in a fast-breathing pile, in a strange state of timelessness, still in the clothes we fell asleep in last night. Anyway, after a nursing, james was happy and smiling again, which made it easy to recover. But yeah, not super restful.

Anyway, after that, James went to work, james went into his swing, and I was able to go back to sleep. And later when he woke up again, I just got into bed with him and nursed/slept and then let him play quietly next to me while I prepared myself to get up. So it ended up being okay.

But man, what a rude awakening!

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Amy said...

How scary!!!! Glad he is ok!!

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