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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Old School Sunday: Seven and a Half Hours Later

If you haven't heard about my new blog series "Old School Sunday", read the back story!

During my first few years of college I worked at the dining hall and pizza/calzone "grab and go", first as a general student worker and later as a manager. I worked 16 hours a week average and took a full course load which I was paying half for out of pocket with this money . . . it was hard but rewarding.

At this point I was getting toward the end of my freshman year and having trouble getting everything done (especially because I had yet to get diagnosed with ADHD and start taking medication . . .

But here we see what a shift at work could do for my state of mind . . . that's my ADHD self, I'm better when I'm busier . . .

27th March 2002
4:14pm: School
Current Mood: HATEFUL

I' m extremely disappointed in myself. Very Very.

The first month of school my average in every subject was an A. I got A's on all my first exams, life was dandy. The second month of school might have permanently fucked me over. I can't even believe I did this. I probably failed my Soc midterm, I got a 65 on my 2nd Bio exam, I had a portfolio due yesterday that I probably didn't do great on, and I had a paper due yesterday that I haven't done, STILL, and it's 20 percent off per day and I might already be down to 60 by now . . . I haven't even been going to class and I am BETTER THAN THIS. I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE WHAT A FUCKING LOSER I AM. YOU SUCK.

11:43pm: Postivity
Current Mood: productive

I am feeling really good. I was just at work for the past 3 hours, and I worked really hard, because there were a TON of people at the calzone place tonight. We sold 100 more calzones than average. It was crazy and there were only a few mistakes the whole night. And I worked hard and I feel good about it. Now I am going to read this book and write this paper and turn it in tomorrow. Sixty points is better than 0, and maybe she'll give me a break. But blowing it off would be worse than the best I can STILL do. And that's saying something.

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