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Monday, April 18, 2011

Movie Monday: Explorations with Bananas

Over the last month, I have been letting James "try" eating every week or so. Pretty much exclusively with banana. In this series of videos from 4 months and one week until 5 months, you can see him getting better and better with banana!

Here is James having his first taste of banana at 4 months plus one week. He showed interest so I let him try. However in 15 minutes this is definitely the most successful he gets:

I waited a week and then tried again. This time, at 4.5 months, he manages to take a "bite" but just gags on it and spits it out. Gagging is perfectly safe and is not to be confused with CHOKING, which it actually PREVENTS.

And here is a few days later, getting better still:

A minute later, you see him using my hand as a tool for self-feeding--a common strategy among young self-feeding babies!

Finally here he is at almost five months. At this point you see he is able to use multiple strategies to suck, lick, and otherwise "eat" the banana.

I still don't think he's eaten very much, but I think in 2 more weeks he might be starting to!


Alyssa said...

So cute! What a great way to show his progression too.

laurengould said...

LOL omg I wish I could see stuff like this in real life more! :(

He is going to be a banana addict!

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