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Friday, April 8, 2011

Photo Friday: Our First Playdate

So I'm sort of late on this because it happened like last Wednesday, but I was looking through my pics of a topic to photo-spam about on this Photo Friday and I came across these adorable pictures and said: "Ah-ha!"

So my old college roommate Lauren (who I'm sorry to say I forgot to get a picture of/with) was pregnant at the same time as me and had her baby in October. We have been Facebook friends for a while now but haven't seen each other in years.

(Here's a picture of her baby, Dylan, and James:)

So I mentioned on one of her photos that I wish we could have a playdate and next thing I know I was invited to one with her, and her friend Erin and their two babies!

I had a ton of fun seeing my old friend again, meeting her friend, and hanging out with fellow Moms "in real life". I was the first in my family and among nearly all of my friends to have a baby. I have a lot of online Mom friends but basically none that I see/hang out with "in real life" on a regular basis, so this was really awesome.

(James and Finn--this one reminds me of kittens, how they look at the same things, hehe:)

We basically just hung out on Erin's couch, watched some youtube and TV, and nursed the babies. Erin said her couch was like a big boob train, hahaha.

So our first playdate was a ton of fun and I'm very excited for our next one!

Finn, 5.5 Months; Dylan, 6 Months; James, 4.5 Months


Alyssa said...

Yay for playdates! I always feel so much better about motherhood and life in general after getting together with other moms. Glad you've found some IRL mothers to hang with!

EricaG said...

So cute! Playdates are good for mom and baby. I'm glad you had a nice time!

Amy said...

Jensen has the same sleeper Finn has!! Everyone makes fun of me for getting it for him and they say Jensen looks like a leprechaun in it but it's soooo cute! lol!

Those are some cute kiddos!!!

justadrienne said...

Amy I think that sleeper is adorable!!

laurengould said...

lol I love how James is just as big as the other two, and is the youngest! Fatty!

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