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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Naps Again (Sorry)

So yeah sorry the substance of my blog lately has been: Allergies/Rash, Photo Spamming, and Naps. I'll try to write about something more interesting soon. Oh wait, I totally posted about maple syrup and baby led weaning so I am golden, never mind all that.

Maybe I'm just self conscious because this is like my 3rd or 4th post about naps. I just feel like as soon as I think I've got it figured out it changes. Maybe this is parenthood, though, when 1/4 of your mental energy is focused on naps?


So I thought his naps were going sort of like:
9:30, 11:30, 2:30, 5:30

But then a lot of times he would wake up at like 6:30, eat a lot, get diaper changed, be awake and playing for like another 15 mins or a half hour, and then be tired again. And then fall asleep at 7:30 and sleep until 8-8:30 so is that a nap too? Don't know what to consider that.

THEN, we had a couple of off days where we were out and about, and then his "natural" nap schedule seemed to reestablish even differently and now I'm not even sure what he's doing. I guess something more like:

Wake up 6:30
Sleep 7:30-8:30(or 9 sometimes!)
And 9:30-10:30 (or 10-11)
And 1:30-3?
And 4/5-6/6:30
And then down for the night between 7 and 8.

So basically he's starting to take a few LONGER naps, which is great. Maybe soon now he'll start to take a few less? I'm going to try to write down his naps for a couple days and see what EXACTLY he's doing.

And then they'll probably be yet another post about naps.

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Amy said...

They will start spreading out naps and taking longer naps. It's normal. Just wait, when he hits one they go down to 1-2 and it STINKS! By 15 months? They are trying to get rid of naps altogether. Don't let them though. It's the only time I do CIO (because Jensen will fuss for 10 minutes and then go "oh I really would like to take a nap..." lol)

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