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Friday, April 22, 2011

Photo Friday: Hard at Play

Perhaps my baby did inherit a few of my personality traits! Recently, I've noticed a change in james' play behavior.

He plays HARD. He is very serious about it all of a sudden.

He loves this cup so much that I can't even let him play with it for too long or he gets in too much of a frenzy.

He loves reading and books--especially the kind he is allowed to chew on.

I actually think that he might be starting to teeth again. (After nothing happening on that front since last I spoke of it.)

So today I gave him a frozen breast milk stick to chew on in a snack cup.

He LOVED it and "ate"/melted into his clothes almost an entire ounce!

His joy of playing is beginning to extend to food. See for yourself how much fun he had with his avocado!

Anyway, the sense of busy purpose he has about himself is very much in his Mother's shoes and I couldn't be prouder of my smart busy little bee.


mariclare said...

i'm proud of him too. i really want to do a photo shoot with him soon.

justadrienne said...

Tot! Let's do a 6-month one! I'm totally gonna be serious and get some solid color drapes to make a background for him, too . . .

Amy said...

What a little cutie!!!

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