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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So you'd think with my frequent weigh-ins during pregnancy I would have updated more about my weight loss. Here's the last thing I wrote about it . . .

And you haven't heard anything since because there hasn't been anything.

Before getting pregnant I was 131 lbs and a size 6.
Before giving birth I was 171 lbs. (Up 40)
After giving birth I was 156 lbs (Down 15 from pregnancy/Up 25 from before pregnancy)
One week post-partum I was 151 lbs (Down 20/Up 20)
One month post-partum I was 155 lbs and a size 13 (Down 14/Up 26)
Two months post-partum I was 159 lbs and a size 12 (Down 12 but 3 lbs more than when I gave birth, and up 28 from pre-pregnancy!)

And then I pretty much stopped paying attention because it was always depressing! I noticed here and there that I'd lost a few lbs but I thought it was pointless since I was still more than my all-time post-partum low of 151 at one-week . . .

Well FINALLY, I have an update! I am now less than I've been since having him!

At nearly five months post-partum I'm 149 lbs and a size 11! (Down 22 lbs)

That means I've lost ten lbs in the past three months, which is great!

My goal was to get down to 145 by May and I think I will get there! My next goal will be to get down to 140 by the end of the summer (still 9 lbs more than I was, but a great weight for me--if I lose any more than that I will just gain it back again the next time I get pregnant, LOL).

Anyway, I have a lot of pants in the 8-11 range so I'm getting more comfortable in my clothes again (even if they are old clothes, LOL), so generally satisfied!

My strategy has basically been not to eat. Only sort of joking. There are so few things I can eat and a lot of it takes time to prep which I don't have with a baby and when he's asleep I'm so grateful for my alone time that I just go online and forget about food. I generally eat a banana and/or and apple and some nuts and lots of water and green tea during the day. Then at night I pig out and catch up. Perhaps not the best healthiest diet plan, but it's what we're doing LOL, and yay for it finally working!!!


Amy said...

Great job on weight loss just keep in mind from now on when you eat during the day your body is going to instantly store it because you are putting it into survival mode.

justadrienne said...

Yeahhhhhhh I think that's why it took me this long to start losing anything. But I've apparently broken through! Haha.

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