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Sunday, April 24, 2011

James' Vegan Easter Basket!

I intend to get on later and post about our Easter but in case I don't (or either way), I wanted to share about James' Easter basket (which I was so excited about that I made on Thursday and am up at 1:30am on Saturday morning blogging about it, :P)!

So I started with an Easter Basket.

Then I created "grass" from tissue paper. I rolled the tissue paper up into a long wrap . . .
. . . and then I cut "slices" off of it . . .
. . . which, when unrolled, made long paper grasses! I needed a lot more than I thought, so I ended up adding white paper, too, so I could line the bottom with that, and then put the colored grasses on top . . .
So I filled up the basket with the grasses, and then it was all ready to be filled with Easter goodies!

For a 5 month old baby, this includes absolutely zero edibles, though I was honestly tempted but could think of nothing I was willing to give him that I would put inside an Easter Egg. . . . I'll admit now I ended up getting more than I meant to, but he actually "needed" (will USE anyway), most of it!

Firstly, three books. One, which I am currently realizing I neglected to photograph, a board book about a bunny. Two, a version of Old MacDonald that is a glove and each finger is a different animal puppet, hehe, with a little book on the palm. Also neglected to photograph that until after it was wrapped, but look how pretty I made it!

And the third book, which didn't actually end up fitting in the basket, a Peter Rabbit Easter pull-the-tabs book--it is very cute!

Another thing I forgot to take a picture of before wrapping was these strap covers I got him. Let's see if I can find a demo pic online . . . sort of like these . . . but instead of animals there are just bright colored "buttons" for him to look at/chew on/play with. Anyway, here's what they looked like after I wrapped them!

And there were plenty of other things in his Easter basket, too. A little stuffed bunny, a card from grandma, and the plastic eggs with some change in them for his (future) savings account! And, let's be honest, the eggs themselves will be an awesome toy I'm sure.

Anyway, here's the final product! Can't wait to get some cute pics of James with it on Easter!

Obviously I had far too much fun making up my first Easter basket! ;-)

P.S. Have to give myself big props at 2:30 am for mastering along-side photo publishing which really was a struggle, but I made it through!

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