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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Alyssa had her baby!!

OMG! I just found out that my friend Alyssa--who I have oft mentioned because she was due a week behind me--had her baby yesterday!

I am in total shock. Of course I am thrilled for her as he is doing well, the delivery was fast and meds free, and since we had often chatted about being ready to be done and wishing we could bend over again, I'm happy for her that she had a bit of a shorter time of it . . .

But she was like my rock! Every time something was going on with me, it was usually going on with her--I could count on her to understand all my pains and complaints and stresses and excitements--and now I've been left behind in the dust! I have another month of pregnancy to do and she has her baby!

I'm not REALLY jealous because I'm not REALLY ready yet, but I do feel odd. She has been there with me on this journey since a week after I found out I was pregnant, and now her journey has come to an end (well, a new beginning, really), and mine is still going.

I'm slightly suspicious that one of the reasons that this is hitting me so hard is that it is such serious evidence that I, too, might be delivering my own baby shortly. Is my shock not perhaps due to this, more than anything else?

I'm not sure. But CONGRATS Alyssa! Despite all of this, I am very happy for you. Evan is gorgeous!!

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Ruby said...

I think it may just be making it more "real" for you too!! I never expected to go early and I was the first May mom to deliver but the last one due in May, lol. Its so exciting because you really are next Adrienne, hehe! :)

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