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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Farting and Nerve Pain

And I thought it was high time for a new Symptoms post about the joys of pregnancy, even though there are at least two other meaningful blogs I have in mind, they both take a lot more energy and thought and I'm just plain not up for it tonight!

So, fun thing one: I am farting a lot. Not like, I ate beans and am super gassy. More like, multiple times a day for no particular reason I do little farts. It's like a punctuation mark on my daily activities.

Fun thing two: Since James has dropped I now get occasional stabbing pains down the inside of my right thigh. Not to be confused with sciatic pain (down my butt and the back of my leg), which also visits occasionally. My grandmother apparently described this sensation as the baby thinks your nerve is a guitar string and gives it the occasional: "TWANG!" Grandma, that is exactly what it feels like.

In other news, I had a midwife appointment today and they think James is a nice average size baby. He was even described as "petite", but they assured me that that was because they had had a lot of 9 and 10 pounders recently. They are guessing him to be a little under 7 pounds now. But considering he probably has at least two more weeks to grow, he could still add a bit of weight before his birth. But I am NOT COMPLAINING!! A 6-7 pound baby sounds GREAT to me!!

And I'm still not feeling at ALL like he will be here any time soon. I maintain that I will make it to at least 39 weeks. If not 41 or 42.

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