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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Contractions Update

So I continued to have regular contractions throughout the whole morning. Around 6, I felt like they were just starting to being more "building" and significant, and I was having more pressure/sensation in my cervix. At 6:30, I finally admitted to a half-asleep James that I was having regular contractions (he definitely woke up quick)!

At 7/7:30 or so, he went down to get the computer and we started timing them again. They were generally coming every 2-4 mins and lasting 60-90 seconds. I was also having a lot of sciatica pain during this time (but not necessarily at the same time as a contraction). It was funny to be sitting there with James facing the possibility of being in labor. All I could think about was that my birth tub liner and my birth kit hadn't come yet.

"If this is labor," I said, "I just wish we were a LITTLE readier." James laughed at me.

However, as much as these contractions seemed by the book, I was a bit suspicious because while they had changed and become a bit more intense, they hadn't changed very much over the 4-5 hours I was observing them, and they still weren't painful. I was thinking of the marker of not being able to talk through a contraction--it wasn't anything like that for me. In fact, talking with James distracted me and made them seem even less intense and sometimes nearly unnoticeable.

We called our midwife soon after this and left her a message--then around 8:30 we texted her to ask if she'd gotten our message and told her I was having contractions (she called us right back after that)! James told her what was going on and she said that she was with another Mom in labor (out of town) and that false labor is really common for first time Moms. She advised us to stop paying attention to the contractions, don't time them, and do something distracting like watch a movie.

So James went to work and I started watching Notting Hill (I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!). At 10:00 or so (in the middle of the movie), my exhaustion finally caught up to me and I fell asleep.

I awoke at nearly noon to James calling me. I was pretty pissed off at having been awakened.

"Are you having a contraction?" he asked.
"I don't know, I just woke up!" I complained.
"Okay, well, good, I'll talk to you later."

But then I was awake. So today has been . . . unproductive in any sense. The contractions haven't gotten any stronger, longer, or closer together. I was too tired to accomplish anything. I watched a lot of TV and attempted to post on I-Village but was mostly foiled by slow pages. Now it's 5:00 and I haven't made anything for dinner. ::sigh::

Hopefully tonight I won't have any issue sleeping. Tomorrow we have our home visit midwife appointment where we'll talk about the plan for the birth, I'll meet the backup midwife, and show everyone the house, bathroom, etc. I think I also have the Group B Strep test tomorrow (send me "testing negative" vibes!). Marilyn and Mariclare will be here since they are part of my birth team--Mariclare will be taking pictures and Marilyn will be videotaping and generally helping.

I think Mariclare will also be coming over earlier to take pregnancy pictures with me and James! I will have to post some of them on here.

Anyway, so maybe tomorrow I will get to see if I am dilated at all and we'll see what position the baby is in. I have a feeling he is once again transverse so I want to know for sure how he is laying so I can encourage him to go head down and engage and stick there.

So that's that. It's nearly time. Oh, and funnily enough, my birth kit arrived in the mail today! And my changing pad. So I'm a little "readier" now. ;-)


Alyssa said...

What a night/day you've had! I'm glad you were able to get some sleep, and hope you can get in some more tonight.

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow, and I can't wait to see your pictures!

mpence said...

Praying for a negative GBS test for you!

Glad the contractions didn't lead to anything.

Lauren said...

Holy cow! I think the longest my BH were timeable was about 20 minutes apart. You get them so regularly, that's insane.

I will tell you that I kept second guessing myself on whether or not I was in labor when I had contractions or cramps. I will tell you that the "can't breathe through it" description is true. You'll be able to suffer through it for a while, and then you'll get to the point where Nope, you are seriously in labor.

I can't wait to see your baby!! Eeeeeek.

jrose35 said...

I agree with Lauren when I was in the doctor's office and a contraction hit me I dropped out of the conversation and my doctor just smiled and said when that happens you are officially in labor. My cervix was completely gone and I had dilated 2-3 cm so I was not going back to work and sent to the hospital immediately. Mine felt like bad gas cramps that wrapped around my back and did not realize I was in labor until the doctor told me. Me and Geoff look at each other now and knew we were never really ready for our girl we just went with the flow and were flexible. I was much more calm and relaxed by being flexible with my days with her. It is the most exciting time in your life and watching them grow is the best ever!! I love watching her learn new things everyday it is the coolest!! Good to hear your birth kit came in and can't wait to see pictures of you both! Sending you lots of hugs and good wishes!

justadrienne said...

Thanks guys, I will definitely keep my eye out for the "can't talk through them" contractions. That was one reason I suspected that this wasn't real labor because even after hours and hours, it wasn't getting any more intense in that sense.

It certainly made me hope with all my might that I go into labor in the morning/early afternoon, though. I was SO tired by 10am after waking up at 3am that I seriously hope I don't have the same sort of timeline when it is really time. :-/

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