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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The (Other) Babies

So while I don't talk about them TOO often in my blog, my other obsession (besides Lil James) is my cats. They have only been featured in one other blog--my second blog ever. Since then, my cat Thea had been hit by a car and we've acquired four new cats, so I thought it was time for an updated post about them.

First, two falls ago, we got the brothers. There's Loki:

And there's Odin:

We got them and a third brother when they were only 5 weeks old. And more adorable little kittens you've never seen. The third brother got adopted by my friend Jessie, and now is named Daniel Day Lewis.

Loki is secretly my favorite because he is a sweet human-loving baby. He follows me around and just has this way of throwing himself down in front of (or next to) you, wanting his belly to be rubbed.
I just can't resist.

But don't feel sorry for Odin. He has a secret lover.
Monty and Odin are in love.

They are obsessed with each other. They are cat's cats--they wrestle and snuggle and lick each other like it's their job. James and I call it their eunich man-love.

So for awhile, we had Monty and Thea and Odin and Loki. But then Thea got hit by a car, and we just had our three boys for awhile.

But I missed having a girl cat, and I begged James to let us adopt a pair of little girl kittens. But we couldn't seem to find just the right ones for us.

And then, our friend Anna sent out an Email, needing a long-term (but temporary) home for her two cats because her and her husband and son needed to move into an apartment that did not allow cats.

So James and I got Tonio . . . . . . and Sofia!

They moved in with us this summer, but it took a WHILE for everyone to relax and learn to get along. But now, as you can see, they are quite comfortable . . .

So now, while other people think we are crazy--we are a comfortable five-cat home. I LOVE THEM ALL. Sometimes I even want more but maybe a baby will be enough. Hehe. And those are our (other) babies.

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