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Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Cousin!

I was surprised with my baby shower yesterday, which I will later write about in more detail . . .

But one of the best presents I got was that I just found out that my cousin Dave's girlfriend is pregnant, and due in April!! My baby will have a cousin only 5 months younger than him!!

I am so thrilled for them--I had just met her for the first time last month (they live in Florida), and she was so shiny and beautiful, and my cousin looked so happy and in love--now I guess I know why! Not that she wasn't beautiful and he wasn't in love with her before, but when a girl is carrying his baby (and he's happy about it) the guy has this special way of looking at her like there is nothing more beautiful in the world--and that's how they were last month when I saw them. They were both glowing.

Maybe next summer we'll have to plan a little trip to Florida so we can see their place and our babies can bond. :-)

Yay for babies!

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