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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Steph is Pregnant!

One of the things that was the most sad for me at the beginning of this pregnancy was how few of my sisters/cousins/close friends HAD babies or were even PLANNING to have babies any time soon. I pictured our baby (and I still do, honestly), being a kid (not unlike myself), who had obviously spent far too much time with adults and being the sole focus of the world of many.

"He needs cousins and baby friends!" I thought to myself.

Well, I'm happy to announce that my close friends Steph and Will are expecting their first baby in May!! I am so thrilled for them.

I love their story--Steph had been married in her early twenties, and it didn't really work out, and she was divorced a few years later. After that, she dated a bunch of guys but none of them were really that awesome, and as she got into her thirties and then her mid-thirties, she started to really think that the family thing was not going to happen to her, and in fact, she didn't even know if she wanted it to.

Then she joined E-Harmony, and a month or so into it she went on a date with Will. She texted her brother in the middle of the date and said: "I'm going to marry this guy."

Six months later they were engaged, six months after that, they were married, and here it is, nearly their one year anniversary, and she is pregnant. Will is an amazing person, they are perfect for each other, and I know they will make unbelievable parents. I am so so thrilled for them.

Of course I am also selfishly thrilled for myself that my baby's little friends are on the rise, now! One cousin 5 months younger than him, and now a little friend 6 months younger than him! (And in all fairness, he does have another little cousin--technically his . . . 2nd cousin once removed . . . or something--who will be 7 months older than him, and we DO actually see them a lot, so that is awesome).

Now, I have a SIL and several cousins who could use any extra baby-making dust that anyone is giving out. Or babies. So send them your fertile/adoption vibes and let's get a few more cousins in the works!


Marilyn said...

Is this steph the steph that was at your shower? She was so friendly! i am happy for her! If it is the same steph that is...(or even if not, still happy for her lol)

A said...

Marilyn- That's the same Steph! She told me she was pregnant at the shower. it was kind of funny. Adrienne was opening her presents and Steph said, "I don't even know what half this stuff is" and I said "well maybe you should take notes because this might be you one day!" (because I knew her and Will were trying) then she gave me this look, and I was like "OMG!!" and I nearly burst into tears because I was so happy. Yay for more beautiful babies!

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