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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Blog Features

I put in a blog labels cloud today. I have sort of wanted one for awhile so there it is! As part of this I just went through and reread pretty much the whole blog, updating labels where appropriate. It is funny to read it through like that. I want to do a better job of including pictures in my blog, but I guess my camera being broken isn't a good jumping off place.

I also finally deleted the poll on whether James was a boy or a girl. I wanted to somehow save and transfer it into a blog post but I wasn't sure how to do that, so I just recorded the results on the post where I originally asked people to vote.

I'm serious considering having my friend Alison design my blog for me, because I have zero HTML skills and she does amazing work, but I'm thinking that I want to wait until James is born so I can get some pics of him and our new family in the design.


Lauren said...

A, click on DESIGN and TEMPLATE DESIGNER. You don't need to know HTML at all with blogger's new feature. You just simply click the backgrounds and themes you'd like, how big you want your posts to be, etc. Let me know if you need help.

Cortney said...

Alison does amazing work--you should definitely have her put something together for you! Of course, I totally understand wanting to wait and include pictures of your adorable son!

justadrienne said...

Lauren--Alison definitely does better work than I could do with the template designers, but maybe I will play with them in the meantime!

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