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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Mom's Visit

My Mom came to visit for a few days to help me clean, cook, and generally prepare for the birth. I feel like we got a ton done which is super exciting.

She arrived on Sunday at nearly 4pm while James, Marilyn, and I were carving our pumpkins. Then as soon as we finished our pumpkins we had to run out to my friend Amy's birthday dinner. I asked Amy if I could bring my Mom along to her dinner and she said I totally could! As it turned out, her parents were there, too, so it was nice to give them a chance to meet and chat. We had a great dinner and basically turned in early when we got home.

Then on Monday we sort of had a lot going on! We had a plumber coming to our house at 9 am--he fixed our water pressure and now my washing machine that used to take nearly an hour to fill now only takes like 10 mins. I can't even believe the difference, but since we plan on cloth diapering this was a necessity before Lil James arrived!

Next we had to bring Monty to the Vet because he had a funny growth on his face that I wanted them to remove. That also went very smoothly.

Then the plan for the day was to make tomato sauce. This was a good pre-baby meal plan because pasta is easy and fast to make, and if we had some jars of canned sauce, it would be really easy for James (or other helpers) to make pasta and then just heat up some of the pre-made sauce. So before making the sauce we went to the Willi Coop to buy all the veggies we needed.

When we got home, we had lunch and then started making our sauce. At the same time we were cleaning up the kitchen, washing and putting away laundry, etc. We cut up all the veggies, stirfried them a bit and threw them in a huge stock pan to which we added many jars of diced tomatoes and crushed tomatoes and several other secret ingredients. Finally around 2 or 3 we were completely done and the sauce just needed to sit and cook a bit more.

At this point we got even more into the laundry (which desperately needed to be done) and worked on that until around 5 when I had to leave for my Bradley Class.

Then, the next day (Tuesday), we got three main things accomplished. We canned all the sauce we'd made the day before, and ended up with 13 quart size mason jars full of sauce! That will end up being more than two weeks of meals! Woohoo.

The next thing we did is FINALLY switch out our winter and summer clothes--I know I had previously blogged about attempting to do this multiple times but I think I just needed some support since the maternity aspect of it made everything that much more complicated. But we DID IT, and reorganized my clothes shelf and James' clothes drawer at the same time. Wooohooo.

Finally, we finished cleaning my bedroom (my Mom was awesome with vacuuming), and we rearranged the furniture to fit the birth tub, and then we brought all the birthing supplies into our bedroom so it is totally ready to go now!!

Last but not least we cleaned up the library, which has a guest bed in it, made the bed, and moved a bunch of the plants which had recently come inside around the room and other rooms in the house.

We got SO SO much done! Now I feel super ready for Lil James to be born! :-D



A said...

When you asked to bring your mom it made me want to bring my parents too! So yay! And I'm glad that you guys got so much done! All you need now is the baby....

justadrienne said...

Haha, yep!! Only a few more weeks!

Kate said...

AHHHH! I can't believe how soon he will be here...among us... lol! Miss you a ton, can't wait to see you, glad you had fun and got so much done with Mummykins!

Love you!

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