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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maternity Support Belt

So I got this Maternity Support Belt at Babies R Us last week, and I am loving it!

I feel like it has REALLY been helping my back--I can totally feel that my stomach is better supported when I am wearing it and not PULLING on my back. Or not as much or not in the same way. Before getting acupuncture (and a few days later, this belt), I had been taking Tylenol every evening for probably a week, so I could fall asleep without being in pain. Since getting acupuncture and then getting the belt, I think I have only taken Tylenol once in the past ten days. So it is a serious improvement!

In other news, I'm supposed to leave right now and go to this La Leche League Meeting. Going to a meeting is part of the "homework" of my Bradley Class (which, by the way, is still going well though I have neglected to write about it for awhile), but I am SO unmotivated to go tonight. My Mom visited me from Sunday until today, and we did a ton of cleaning, cooking, and general pre-baby prep. I am TIRED and do NOT feel like leaving my house tonight.

And honestly, I really do know a TON about breastfeeding (I mean, for someone who has never done it). Sigh. Sorry Dr. Bradley, it is not happening.


Marilyn said...

you're so cute **squeezes belly**

Amy said...

I am so happy I told you about it now! I almost didn't because I was like "oh she's probably seen it out while shopping and wouldn't want to buy it this close to the end" but then I was like what the heck, no big deal if she doesn't want it I can still suggest it! So glad I did now! The more comfortable the better! :)

Caitlyn Li said...

hi dear, I am 24w pregnant and having pelvic pain. I am thinking to get this belt, what is the size you are wearing in your picture? I am an Asian girl, was size 6-8(UK size) before pregnancy. by now, lower belly from my back is about 33 inch (84 cm). I will have to buy it online as no store of this is available. would you please suggest me what size(S or M) should I buy?

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