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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My good head-down baby

So as I predicted, James flipped over. He actually was already diagonally head down when we went last Wednesday for our 3D u/s. In the day or two after that, he settled down even more into my pelvis, which made me significantly more comfortable. Suddenly I find myself able to breathe and having a few more inches of bending over room. My sides aren't bursting to split and his head isn't constantly digging into my ribs. Wooohooo.

This new development caused everyone at my shower to say that "he dropped" and "he'll come early", etc. I don't think so, people. Just because he was awkwardly high and breech before and now he is vertex, and so, lower in my pelvis does NOT mean that he is actually engaged and "dropped". I do NOT have the "bowling ball between the legs" feeling. Furthermore, I think despite being head down that he is still in somewhat of an awkward position, sort of facing sideways. Now that he is head down, we will work next on being anterior since he is still somewhat posterior.

He and I will have some mental chats about presentation in the weeks to come, and there are some exercises to encourage him to go anterior. So even though he is now head down, we aren't quite "ready to go".

I'm 34 weeks today which means 2 more weeks until we are set for our home birth. (If he came before 36 weeks we would have to go to the hospital.) So I am not listening to all you naysayers telling me he is going to come early . . . most guesses have been between Nov 6th and Nov 12th. (Big) James, my much more realistic husband, is guessing the 22nd, on the other hand.

The average pregnancy time for a first time Mom is 41 weeks and 1 day, which would be November 24th . . . so I'm not getting too excited either way. I'm guessing he will come in November sometime. I would be more than happy to meet him on the earlier side, but then again, the Harry Potter 7 movie comes out on the 19th, so if I'm still pregnant then, we could go to that. :-)

It's definitely getting there, though. Six (or four or eight) weeks seems like SO long but also no time at all! I hope it feels short, as I'm excited to meet him. Yet we have a long list of things to get done before he gets here as well. :-)


A said...

Is this when we start placing bets on when he'll come out? I'm going with November 20, so that way you can see HP7 :)

clare on earth said...

gosh. that would be so you if he was born on the release of the last harry potter! ha!

justadrienne said...

Hahah, you guys are funny. Nov 20th would be okay with me . . . but earlier would be good too, so we have more time before Thanksgiving . . .

I guess it's up to him!

laurengould said...

I think Nov 10 for some reason. I hope he comes later though, as I might be subletting this place until the 19th. Lol! I guess he will obviously come when he's good and ready, or tired of being squished, haha.

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