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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Changing Area!

One of the things on our to-do list today was to install a shelf and light in the bathroom closet which is to be the changing area. And we're done! Look at how awesome it looks!

I'm pretty sure I'm more excited about this than it is logical to be about anything.

Let me point out some of the features:
-A top shelf for diapers, snappis, inserts, and covers. My cloth diapers are there all ready to go--prefolds on the right, pockets in the middle.
-An LED light under the shelf to brighten up the area--it works great!
-My Cooshee changing pad on the bottom--just wipe clean!
-And finally, my cloth wipes, behind the cooshee.

The only thing there is left to get is the wipes warmer, which will plug into the last outlet there and go right next to the wipes. I am just waiting on my coupons to come of age so I can go buy it!

Then we need a diaper pail, but that will not be in this little area but will sit somewhere in the bathroom near it. I'll get that a little later as well, maybe with my BRU completion discount. I DID get my pail liners in the mail today--two waterproof bags so I can bring the diapers right down to the laundry room and then put the bag right in with the diapers.

Anyway, I'm so so thrilled that this is done! I've been envisioning this for years and it feels awesome to see it come to life! :-D

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