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Saturday, October 9, 2010

To-Do Before Baby Comes List

We've actually gotten quite a few things off of our baby list done in the last few days!

We did the following on Friday (or before):
-Buy birthing sheets (though now we need to exchange them because James got king instead of queen, but at least he made an effort!)
-Gather home birth supplies (this is a list in itself but we have almost everything now)
-Review finances through the end of the year (this is James' prep for being off of work for an entire month with only 1 week paid vacation time and the rest unpaid)
-Pick up birthing tub (borrowed from Shandra, a friend from the Willi Coop, :-)
-Get journal for baby (to record his antics)
-Use gift card at Best Buy to get digital camcorder (also to record baby antic and the birth)
-Got (some) Christmas shopping done

And then today we:
-Installed both car seats in our cars
-Ordered the liner for the birth tub

Still on the to-do list:
-Get shelf installed over changing area (this is in the works though, I have a call in to my friendly neighborhood carpenter/friend)
-Get waterproof bed cover for the bed
-Get a deep-freeze freezer for storing breastmilk and other things
-Order bio-bricks for the woodstove
-Clean/modify woodstove so it burns more efficiently
-Get woodstove inspected
-More Christmas shopping (trying to get as much done as possible before James is born)
-Find someone to lend us a space heater for the birth
-Get a air mattress insert for the guest bed
-Get a plumber to fix our washing machine so it fills more quickly
-Clean and rearrange bedroom to fit birth tub
-Get final baby stuff at Babies R Us with coupons (need to make 2 trips to use the coupons)
-Get out winter clothes/put away summer clothes
-Buy photo album for ultrasound pictures and birth/labor pictures
-Find pillbox
-Write Email to Ophelie (my good friend who I want to check in with pre-birth)
-Hang up art/mirrors which was rearranged
-Pay bills
-Make freezer/canned meals (spaghetti sauce, soup stock, lentil veggie stew, pancakes, gravy for thanksgiving)--my mom and/or sister is coming to visit me and helping me with this cooking in a couple of weeks, though . . .
-Buy birth ball
-Exchange birthing sheets

So even though there is still a lot of stuff on the to-do list, I feel like we are making good progress, and some of these things are definitely things that would be nice to do before the birth as oppose to absolutely necessary to do before the birth.

We also got a lot of raking done today, which could also have been on this list though we never actually put it on there. ;-)


mpence said...

I am also working on the Christmas shopping thing (much to DH's dismay, lol!)...so far, I think I have 1 item for everyone (depending on how my ebay bids go)...which means I am 1/3rd done! WOOHOO!

Good luck getting everything ready - I have learned something in having 6 babies already...even if you don't get everything done, it will all work out! (With 1 of my babies, I didn't even have a carseat when she was born!)

Liz said...

I'm jealous; my to-do list STILL isn't finished, and Peter is 5 weeks old! (For instance, I still have boxes of clothes to wash, his room needs to be finished, and we're still stuck in the middle of lots of house projects!)

justadrienne said...

Yeah Liz but wasn't he born at like 37 weeks? So you are only two weeks behind really, right??

Plus, I can't imagine trying to get anything done in the first month after having a baby . . .

Liz said...

He was 37w6d, so he should technically be around 3 weeks now. But hey, at least we now have siding on the house!

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