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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A new place to complain

I have already complained about this on Facebook at least once, so I didn't want to "go there" again, but I needed to complain somewhere!

I-Village (my message board site) has been SO SO SLOW the past few days. I feel like I am picking and choosing which threads to read because it's like an hour long investment. I am the CL (community leader) of two boards and I totally feel neglectful because I haven't been able to post much at all.

Additionally, when I DO post something, it publishes it without paragraph spaces. Meaning I have to go back and edit it and put in the spaces manually using HTML. Meaning it takes EVEN LONGER.

I want to post belly pictures on my board(s) but I can't even be bothered with how long that would probably take.


1 comment:

Alyssa said...

So weird! I've been having issues with the boards, but not load times or your paragraph issues. Instead, certain threads are displaying really weird (practically unreadable).

I wouldn't worry about feeling neglectful though - so few posts are being written these days that there is hardly anything new to read :( I'm afraid all these changes have pushed people away.

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