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Thursday, October 7, 2010


12 is the number of days until I can go into labor and still have my home-birth (36 weeks)
19 is the number of days until I am full term (37 weeks)
40 is the number of days until my meaningless due date (40 weeks)
54 is the absolute maximum number of days that I could be pregnant (42 weeks)

26 is the number of things on our "to do before the baby comes" list
0 is the number of things on the list that I did today. :-/


Marilyn said...

well i think he is going to be born on nov 10, so only 33 days until birth!

mpence said...

I am constantly running numbers like that!

Such as...

15 days until I can have a home birth.
Serenity has had 19 days longer in the womb than Callie and 8 days longer than Brianna.
6 more days, and Serenity will have been in the womb as long as the twins.
8 more days and we are willing to go unassisted with a home birth.
24 more days to go to my goal of making it to my due month for the first time!
6 more things on my to do before baby comes list!

laurengould said...

Mare! I think he is going to be born on Nov 10th!!!

A, this entry made me kind of sad! The last sentence, at least. I am excited for him!!!

justadrienne said...

Laur you are so funny! I'm excited for him, too, even if I didn't check anything off of my list that day. ;-)

JulieG said...

Adrienne you are too funny...check that list...check it now...

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