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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

(False?) Labor

I woke up maybe an hour ago to go pee, but then I couldn't fall back asleep. I was having horrible biley indigestion (tofu pup) burps (ewwwwww), and I could NOT get comfortable in bed and was having some sciatic pain, and also a lot of feeling tightness in my chest and unable to breathe . . . and Lil James had the hiccups and I was also having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions . . . since I couldn't fall asleep for more than a half hour, I ended up looking at the clock and realized that I was having contractions kind of regularly . . .

So I decided to get up since the indigestion is awful and I thought I could sit up, drink some water, and at least not be uncomfortable in bed.

So I opened up the contraction master website and started timing contractions, and they are coming every 3 1/2 mins on the dot and about a minute long! Ahhh!!!

I really don't feel like this is really it but I also don't know what to think. I wish I knew that he was still head down and I would feel way better about this whole situation. Siiiiiigh. I'm 35 weeks exactly today and we're not supposed to do the home-birth unless I am at least 36 weeks. Based on my last period I would be 35 weeks plus 2 days, and based on my 18 week ultrasound, I would be more than 36 weeks (I was measuring 9 days ahead), so my midwife might let me go at home if he IS actually head down and everything else seems normal.

But really honestly this doesn't feel like it is it to me! I was just telling James a few days ago that I don't feel like he is getting close at all, and I am sure we'll go to our due date or nearly . . . ak!!

I guess for now I will continue timing and see if they get stronger/longer/closer together, and then call my midwife if they do. I can't believe this!!


JulieG said...

Betty Boo I woke up & looked at the clock at 4:18am, was James David calling me ??

justadrienne said...

LOL Maybe! Anyway, things haven't really gotten any more intense so I guess it is false labor.

Alyssa said...

How confusing! I guess since it's not getting more intense that it must be false labour. Hopefully you start to feel better soon.

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