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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Most Blog Posts in a Single Month!

October is now winning as the month in which I have made the most blog posts since beginning my blog! I guess I'm getting pretty darn excited for Little James to show up, so I can't help writing about him all the time, hehe.

When will he come?

0 is the number of days until I can go into labor and still have my home-birth (36 weeks)
2 is the number of days until I am full term (37 weeks)
23 is the number of days until my meaningless due date (40 weeks)
37 is the absolute maximum number of days that I could be pregnant (42 weeks)

We are getting VERY CLOSE NOW!!

And our to-do list gets whittled away and then added to, but we have gotten a lot done this weekend.

- I picked up the hose we need to fill the birth tub
- We got the attachments we need so that we can hook it up to our shower
- We raked a section of the lawn
- We moved a pile of wood from our shed to our porch
- We refilled our kindling box
- We finished a 1000-piece puzzle we were working on (uhhh, yeah, it doesn't really count but it felt like a big accomplishment, LOL!)
- Washed the sheets and mattress cover for the cradle
- Washed my new robe that I get to wear in labor
- Washed the comforter and duvet for the guest bed

Still to do today:
- Make the bed in the guest room for my Mom.
- Set up the bed frame for the guest bed (right now the mattress is on the floor)
- Carve pumpkins with my sister! :-D


Marilyn said...

and since you updated you have carved pumpkins, set up the guest bed on the frame, and made the guest bed! Check check check! WOO. MY pumpkin looks Awessssityyy!

justadrienne said...

Ours look awesome too! I will have to post a pic soon. :-)

laurengould said...

I am jeal that you guys are carving pumpkins!

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